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Today, embroidered clothing remains a statement of quality and good taste. Translating an image into stitches on cloth is remarkable, even to those most familiar with embroidery.

At MARKT, we take pride in representing your design or logo with thread, stitches, and color. Although embroidery has been done by hand for centuries, most embroidery done today is by machine.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Your design is edited and put into electronic form. Our graphics department will work with you or your graphics team to ensure that your image is edited to your expectations.
  2. Your image is then digitized. Although your image may be in a digital format, this step converts your image into a stitch pattern the sewing machine can understand. This is a required step and is necessary beyond simply having your image in computer form. Once digitized, your image can be used again and again for similar applications.
  3. Your garment is "hooped" with a backing to help add strength to the fabric. The hoop keeps the fabric from moving while the embroidery is being sewn.
  4. We sew your garments on commercial grade equipment. We sew many pieces at once. That’s why the per-piece cost decreases as your volume of sewn garments increases.  Lower volume orders make less efficient use of equipment and staff and therefore reflect a higher per-piece cost.
  5. We inspect your sewn garments and trim any lose thread.
  6. Your garments are folded and complete!

You are welcome to visit MARKT to watch the embroidery process. Please call  740.397.5900 to make an appointment.


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